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Moodpeek collects, analyzes and gives a precise report on your users’ expectations in real time.


Interpret user expectations and satisfaction in order
to make the right decisions

Go beyond store ratings in evaluating the satisfaction of your users.

The Moodpeek index evaluates all reviews by your users. It is the only service offering a quantitative and qualitative analysis of user satisfaction.

Moodpeek extracts an average of 2.9 opinions per comment. They are analyzed and ranked according to 5 criteria..

A classification which illustrates your users’ expectations of your app and allows you to  d’evaluate your strengths and areas for improvement.

Study the impact of improvements made to your app (updates, marketing campaigns, etc.)

Filter your analyzes over a given period and monitor the development in opinions, your Moodpeek index and your rating in stores.

You also have access to all comments filtered by rating, version and store.

Examine the most recurrent issues in your comments.

Search and monitor key words. Have access to all reviews filtered by rating, version, store, etc.


Receive strategic information
about your competitors

Gain an advantage over your competitors with an in-depth study of the strengths and weaknesses of their applications.

Compare your application to others or to an entire sector. Get unlimited access to all data.

Understand your rating and that of your competitors.

Base your judgement on reliable criteria, with no risk of fake ratings. Discover your competitors’ ratings with a review.


Help your team commit to improving
user satisfaction

A collaborative interface which involves your entire team

Invite your employees to use the tool and share your comparative analyzes with them.

Export your performance reports in .png or .jpg format for internal reports

Receive a daily summary

Set the frequency at which you receive your summary. Receive the crucial analysis points for your app and those of your competitors.

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